Asian countries will play ahead of the Preliminary Draw in their race to the FIFA World Cup 2014. The Preliminary Draw is set on July 30, 2011 but Asian teams will be playing the preliminary rounds of matches ahead because there are so many participating countries this time. The draw for this preliminary round will be on March 30, 2011 at the AFC House in Kuala Lumpur.

The first round of the matches will be an eight home-and-away series and the 16 lowest-ranked teams will be in action. The winners of the series will proceed to the second round. The draw will be based on the new rankings in the Asian Confederation which are also based on the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa finals and the Asian qualifying rounds for the main tournament. All Asian countries that members of AFC are playing except for Bhutan and Guam who turned down the invitation and Brunei Darussalam who is still in suspension. Topping the ranking is Japan followed by Korea Republic in the second place and Australia in the third place. DPR Korea and Bahrain also made it to the top five on the list.

Rankings for the FIFA World Cup 2014 Asian Qualifiers Round 1:

1. Japan
2. Korea Republic
3. Australia
4. DPR Korea
5. Bahrain
6. Saudi Arabia
7. Iran
8. Qatar
9. Uzbekistan
10. United Arab Emirates
11. Syria
12. Oman
13. Jordan
14. Iraq
15. Singapore
16, China PR
17. Kuwait
18. Thailand
19. Turkmenistan
20. Lebanon
21. Yemen
22. Tajikistan
23. Hong Kong
24. Indonesia,
25. Kyrgyzstan
26. Maldives
27. India
28. Malaysia
30. Cambodia
31. Nepal
32. Bangladesh
33. Sri Lanka
34. Vietnam
35. Mongolia
36. Pakistan
37. Palestine
38. Timor Leste
39. Macau
40. Chinese Taipei
41. Myanmar
42. The Philippines
43. Laos