CONCACAF Play-off Matches

CONCACAF will have a play-off for the North, Central America and Caribbean Zone. The play-off games will begin in June 2011. The play-offs will be done so that the number of teams that will be included in the Preliminary Draw for the FIFA World Cup 2014 will be reduced.

According to March’s FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking, the region’s ten lowest ranking teams will be paired against each other thus producing a series of five play-off matches. The games will be played on a two-legged home and away basis. The winners will thus be joining the remaining 25 higher ranking teams in the Preliminary Draw.

The resultant pairings are:

Monserrat – Belize
Anguilla – Dominica Republic
US Virgin Islands – British Virgin Islands
Aruba – St. Lucia
Bahamas – Turks and Caicos Islands

March’s FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking showing the ten lowest ranking teams are as follows:
26. Belize
27. Dominican republic
28. British virgin islands
29. St. Lucia
30. Turks and Caicos Islands
31. Bahamas
32. Aruba
33. US Virgin Islands
34. Anguilla
35. Monserrat