The Pitch Preparation Seminar for the 2014 FIFA World Cup was held in Fortaleza, Ceara State. Attending the seminar were the pitch specialists from the 12 host cities. The main agenda of the seminar is to create the new guidelines for the pitch that will be implemented in all of the stadiums that will be hosting matches during the World Cup 2014.

The first day of the seminar was attended by the Governor of Ciera State, Cid Gomes, FIFA representatives and members of the Local Organizing Committee. The seminar was organized with the agenda to establish quality and durable standards that will be applicable to all the pitches that will be used during the 2014 World Cup. It was agreed that all pitches will be managed, maintained and cut according to the same guidelines.

The type of grass that will be used in the pitches still remains to be decided. This will depend on the result of the studies that will be conducted across the country. This is because there are four different climates in the country and different rainfall patterns during the months of June and July. The type of grass that will finally be selected should offer durability and the ability to grow and regenerate quickly as well as adapt to each climate.

Pitch construction is a key factor in standardizing the guidelines because drainage and irrigation will greatly vary from venue to venue. The 12 host cities will receive the guidelines on how the pitch should be constructed as well as the equipment that are to be used in the maintenance before and after the games. Special care of the pitches are emphasized by the seminar speakers because tropical grass species will have greater difficulty in establishing themselves at low temperatures. The 12 host cities will be under close supervision by the pitch specialists in creating and maintaining the pitches.

“As a country famed for its football, the onus and the moral obligation is upon us to stage a superb FIFA World Cup finals, with each venue offering the same level of quality,” LOC Executive Director Ricardo Trade said. “This is our opportunity to show the world just how good we are even when we don’t have the ball at our feet.”, he further added.