The Maracana proudly hosted the final match during the FIFA World Cup in 1950 and now it will again host games and possibly the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2014 after 64 years. To make the Maracana ready for the big event, it is presently undergoing a major facelift.

The Maracana is among the best-known stadiums in world football. It has hosted numerous games and other major events and has accommodated more than 150,000 spectators. As time goes by, its safety and comfort level has reduced that is why its renovation has already started so that it will be ready for the World Cup come 2014.

The renovation is well underway with the lower and upper tiers of the stadium completely knocked down to give way to the new and modern design for safety and comfort. Presently,the whole place is a mess but come reveil day in early 2013, everything will look fabulous and ready for the games to begin.